Terms & Conditions

Cottage Workshop in Southampton offers free quotes on all our services. All quotes are valid for 28 days from the date of estimation.

Terms and conditions

Access: Ensure a clear and safe route is available to the delivery and erection area. A site inspection is required to verify this beforehand. Also make sure there are no overhanging trees or shrubs as this could impede access and shorten the life span of your building.

Base: All garden buildings require a firm and level base. A concrete base is recommended and can be organised on your behalf. However, Cottage Workshop cannot be held responsible for a shortened lifespan due to subsidence or ground movement, or damage caused by an insufficient base.

Erection or site: Delivery and erection are normally carried out in one visit. If we are unable to erect the building due to problems with either site access or the base, we will leave the shed on-site, and will require payment in full. All buildings are not secured down to bases; this is the responsibility of the customer. If any asbestos or hazardous materials are found on-site, work will cease until the asbestos or hazardous materials are safely cleared and professionally taken away. This is the responsibility of the customer or site owner. This hazard avoidance practice also includes the uncovering of any pests such as a wasp nest or similar nesting vermin. It is the sole responsibility of the customer or site owner to fully extract the pests before Cottage Workshop can commence work safely once again. We do not accept liability for any damage to the building caused by the customer in self-erection. If any planning and building regulations, or covenants are required, it is the customer’s responsibility.

Payment: Cottage Workshop requires a 25% deposit upon placement of the order. If the request is for an insurance project, a 50% deposit will be required. Payment of the remainder is to be paid on delivery or erection, preferably by bank transfer, cheque or cash. If payment by cheque is unavoidable, make your cheque payable to M Pearce. The ownership of the building remains Cottage Workshop’s until payment is cleared in full. Any work undertaken on-site and not taken into consideration at time of quotation, will be charged at an additional fee of £40 per hour.

Travel: A free no-obligation site visit is offered for every enquiry, providing the address is within a 50-mile radius of Cottage Workshop in Hampshire. This does however exclude all ferry travel and toll charges. All enquiries or projects outside of the 50-mile radius are subject to standard travel costs.
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Children's playhouse

Children's playhouses

Give free rein to your child's imagination by creating a unique playhouse with Cottage Workshop in Southampton.
durable tree house

Long-lasting tree houses

We only use high-quality timber in all our builds including tree houses, garden sheds, workshops, summers houses, chalets and more.
"Thank you for coming to provide a quote for a custom-built garden office today. You are so knowledgeable and it was a real pleasure to meet someone who obviously cares about what they do."
- Natalie Marie Studwell
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Cottage Workshop in Southampton offers high-quality, long-lasting tree houses and playhouses for domestic customers across the South of England,
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